Package Management

The Recite CMS Administration Site includes a package management tool. This is used for adding new functionality to your Recite CMS installation.

When you first install Recite CMS, no packages are installed. The administrator is then prompted to install a series of base packages so users can start managing their web sites. There are many additional packages that can then be installed to add even more features.

The package management tool lets the administrator know when there are updates available for packages. Additionally, it will also tell the administrator when an update to Recite CMS itself is available.

A series of tools are provide to let the administrator install package and application updates.

To demonstrate how simple it is to upgrade Recite CMS, here are the steps involved:

  1. Log in to Recite CMS administration.
  2. Load "Package Management" page, which informs you an update to Recite CMS is available.
  3. Enable "Maintenance Mode". This disables all web sites and the Control Panel temporarily so you can upgrade your installation.
  4. Run the command-line upgrade script. This will download and install the latest update.
  5. Check for any package updates required for the new version. If any available run the command-line package upgrade script.
  6. Disabled "Maintenance Mode". This enables all web sites and the Control Panel so they are accessible once again.

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