This page shows you a number of the features Recite CMS provides both "out of the box" and via add-on packages.

If you would like to know anything more about a particular feature, or if there's something missing you require, please contact us and we'll help you out!

Page Management

Page management tools are used to define the layout and structure of your web site.

Feature Standard Add-On
Create custom page types
Developers can create custom page types to perform custom functionality
Dynamic site map and navigation
Use the Site Map container rule to create site navigation and site maps
Friendly URLs
All pages in created web sites using search engine friendly URLs
Live and draft pages
Create and preview a new page before publishing it live
Meta-data management
All pages can have any custom meta data stored
Multiple content areas per page
Each page can have any number of content blocks
Multiple sites
Re-use your site content and create a mobile version of your web site
Page types
Many different page types available, each used for displaying different data
Protected sections
Restrict access to certain areas based on user role

File Management

File management tools in a content management system allow users to manage the assets on their web site. This includes files used to display the web site (such as CSS and JavaScript), as well files that end-users can download (such as PDF files or movies).

Feature Standard Add-On
Asset mirroring
Link your files to your Content Delivery Network (CDN), using Amazon S3, FTP or SFTP
Bulk delete
Delete multiple files or folders at once
Bulk uploads
Upload more than one file at a time
Custom data with files
Assign custom fields on a folder-by-folder basis
Download from other site
Import files directly from other web sites
Drag/drop files and folders
Move files and folders using drag/drop
Extract ZIP files
Upload a ZIP file and extract it via the Control Panel
Front-end uploads
Allow web site visitors to upload files which you can then send via e-mail or publish on your site
Image gallery
Add a photo gallery to your web site
Record file downloads
Track downloads and view statistics
Text editor
Edit text files via the Control Panel
Generate thumbnails of any image in Recite CMS
Upload large files
Watch the progress of files as they're uploaded
Upload via FTP/SFTP
Connect Recite CMS to your upload path
WebDAV support
Manage files using your native operating system


A What You See Is What You Get editor is an important aspect of a content management system, since they allow users to easily create HTML code without needing to understand HTML.

Feature Standard Add-On
Customize WYSIWYG
Ability to customize styles when using WYSIWYG to reflect styles on client site
Hooks into File Manager
Browse / insert files from file manager
Spell checking
Spell-checking of all content
Insert pre-defined HTML templates in WYSIWYG
WYSIWYG editor
Rich text editor for creating HTML code
WYSIWYG styles
Linking in client web site styles with the WYSIWYG

News and Events

With Recite CMS' news and event management tools you can easily create a blog, or post information about upcoming events.

Feature Standard Add-On
Control publish dates
Optionally choose start and finish dates for publication per event
Export to CSV
Export chosen events in CSV format
Global calendars
Combine events from multiple calendars into a single global calendar
Import from CSV
Create a large number of events quickly by uploading a CSV file
Publish calendars
You can display a calendar on your web site and allow users to navigate months
Publish events
List events from chosen calendars and types using the Event Listing container rule
Unlimited calendars
Events are stored within calendars. You can create any number of calendars on your web site
Unlimited event types
Each event type can have any fields you choose

Template Management

Template management tools allow you to define the layout of your web site. You can make easily make sweeping changes to your entire web site, or set-up different themes for different areas of your web site.

Feature Standard Add-On
Different template types
Different types are used for displaying different data
Manage templates
All web site templates are managed via Control Panel
Real-time documentation
You can easily see available variables when creating new templates
Real-time validation
Templates are checked for errors when you save them
Sample templates
Each template type has samples you can create templates from
Template Revisions
You can browse and revert to old versions of templates
WebDAV support
Manage templates using your native operating system
WYSIWYG templates
Create templates that can be easily inserted directly into the WYSIWYG

User Management

The ability to manage users means you can set up an intranet or extranet with Recite CMS, or simply offer a user registration system.

Feature Standard Add-On
Campaign Monitor Integration
Create mailing lists and synchronise them with Campaign Monitor
Control Panel users
Manage users that have access to update your web site
Custom fields
Each directory can have its own list of custom fields
Export to CSV
Export chosen users in CSV format
Import from CSV
Create a large number of users quickly by uploading a CSV file
User directories
Create any number of user directories, each of which can hold any number of users
User email history
View a history of emails sent to each user
User roles
Directories can have any number of user roles

Web Feeds

Allowing other users to consume your web site data is an essential part of Web 2.0. Publish RSS, Atom and Google Sitemaps feeds quickly and easily.

Feature Standard Add-On
Create feeds
You can create any number of feeds from different data sources
Custom data sources
Developers can build their own data for feed publication
Develop custom publish formats
Developers can publish data in any format they choose
Multiple publish formats
Publish your feeds as RSS, Atom or Google Sitemaps
Publish third-party feeds
You can easily import a web feed from another site and display it on your site
Publish Twitter feeds
You can add a Twitter feed using the built-in sample template


Adding a search tool to your web site is an essential part of building a web site. Recite CMS allows you to index your web site data easily. You can create separate indexes for different data, each of which can be searched separately or all at once.

Feature Standard Add-On
Custom index types
Developers can create their own indexing rules
Easily add search to your site
Add search by adding the Search container rule
Multiple search indexes
Index different types of data


Forms are the primary way by which end-users of your web site can communicate with you. Effective tools for managing forms are therefore essential for maintaining relationships with your users.

Feature Standard Add-On
Recite CMS provides built-in image and audio CAPTCHA protection on forms if required
Custom contact form
Create a custom field with any fields you choose. This is useful for a contact form or an 'email to friend' form
Form submission audit trail
All forms save a history of submissions so you can easily access and export historical data
Multiple email recipients
Whenever a form is submitted you can send any number of emails to any number of users, each with a different email template if required.
Multiple form types
Recite CMS comes with many form types, such as a custom form, user registration and user log in
Publish forms
Use the Web Form Display container rule to publish a form on your web site
Unlimited number of forms
You can create any number of forms on your web site

Categories and Tags

The ability to categorise (or tag) your data is an important tool for organising content on your web site.

Feature Standard Add-On
Assign categories to pages, files and events
You can easily assign categories to content in your web site
Create any number of categories and sub-categories
You can assign a description and associate files with any category
Publish categories on your web site
Publish a list of container rules or display tag spaces (pages that list content with that category)

Comment Management

User-submitted comments are an important aspect of Web 2.0, and also useful for building a community on your web site.

Feature Standard Add-On
Accept user-submitted comments
Comments can be submitted for pages, events or any other data
Allow anonymous comments
You can allow only comments from registered users, anonymous users, or both
Bulk approve/delete comments
If comments require approval you can manage many comments quickly and easily
Display comments on your site
The Comments Listing container rule allows you to easily publish submitted comments


Recite CMS provides a native solution for exporting data from an installation and re-importing. Additionally, all installation-specific data is stored in a single filesystem directory that can be backed-up with the corresponding database.

Feature Standard Add-On
Export client sites
Recite CMS can export sites to a format that can then easily be re-imported
Import client sites
Import client sites in the format generated by the exporter. This allows you to easily move sites between installations.

Workflow and Auditing

These tools help you define what users can and cannot do to update your site.

Feature Standard Add-On
User activity audit trail
Track the operations performed by users via the administration site
User permissions
Control the operations users can perform

Control Panel

In Recite CMS, the Control Panel is the web site users access to make changes to their web site.

Feature Standard Add-On
Custom layout per user
Users can have any number of tabs and widgets in the Control Panel
Custom themes
Administrators can theme the Control Panel to match your corporate colours
Multiple clients
A single account can manage multiple clients. The user is prompted to choose which client when they log in


Good administration tools are important in a content management system, since they allow you to stay on top of product updates and bug fixes, not to mention day-to-day management tasks such as setting up new web sites or users in the system.

Feature Standard Add-On
Automatic update notification
Recite CMS will tell you when there is an upgrade available
Command-line tools
There are many command-line tools to help with administration if required
Import pre-defined site
You can choose to create a site with a pre-defined layout
Manage Control Panel users
You can create, edit and delete Control Panel users via the Administration site
Multiple brandings per installation
Each branding can have any number of clients and its own Control Panel theme
Multiple clients per installation
A single installation can have any number of clients and web sites
Multiple domains per client
Each client can have any number of domains
Simple installation and upgrade process
Simple tools are provided to automate download and install of updates and add-on packages

Platform Support

The server software a content management system runs on determines who can use the software. We aim to open up Recite CMS to more platforms in the near future.

Feature Standard Add-On
Apache HTTP Server (1.3 and 2.x)
Recite CMS runs on the popular open source web server
Linux / Unix / FreeBSD / Mac OS X
Recite CMS runs on Unix-based platform, with full Windows support coming soon
Recite CMS is built using PHP 5.2
PostgreSQL 8.x+ and MySQL 5.x+
Recite CMS runs on both of these open source database servers
Zend Framework
Recite CMS makes use of the Zend Framework


Up-to-date and comprehensive documentation are essential tools for training users. You can download and distribute any of the Recite CMS documents as required.

Feature Standard Add-On
Administration Guide
Comprehensive guide for installing, upgrading and managing your Recite CMS installation
Control Panel User Guide
Comprehensive guide for users new to the Recite CMS Control Panel
Developer Guides
Multiple guides to help users with custom development of Recite modules, drivers and widgets
Real-time help
Real-time contextual help is available when using the Control Panel

I18n and L10n

Internationalisation and localisation tools allow you to publish content that makes sense to users, regardless of their location. Display currencies, numbers and dates in the local format, as well as any character set.

Feature Standard Add-On
Custom locale
Select the locale for publishing of dates, times and currency
Custom time zone
Select the time zone you want dates and times published in

Front-end Site Management

The ability to make changes to your web site while viewing it in real-time is an extremely useful tool for quickly visualising how new features will look in your site. Since you can add these features while a page is in "draft mode", you can play around with the page and only publish it when ready.

Feature Standard Add-On
Edit content using WYSIWYG from front end
Users can edit pages on their web site in real-time while viewing their site
Manage container rules from front end
Users can insert dynamic content is inserted using container rules while viewing their site


Recite CMS offers an ad management tool, which allows you to publish either your own ads or third-party advertising.

Feature Standard Add-On
Manage advertising zones
A zone is an area on your web site where banner advertising appears
Manage campaign banners
Each campaign can have any number of display banners
Manage campaigns
A campaign is used for advertising a single product or service
Track clicks and views
Every time a banner is displayed or clicked statistics are recorded


Feature Standard Add-On
Control publish dates
Optionally choose start and finish dates for publication per listing
Export to CSV
Export chosen listings in CSV format
Import from CSV
Create a large number of listing quickly by uploading a CSV file
Publish listings
Show listings from chosen groups using the Listings Index container rule
Unlimited listing groups
Listings are stored within groups. You can create any number of listing groups on your web site
Unlimited listing types
Each listing type can have any fields you choose

Web Services

Web services allow you to access your web site data in other applications, such as desktop applications or within Flash.

Feature Standard Add-On
Access web site data
Recite CMS provides a SOAP interface to allow developers to access content
Custom web services
Extend web services to provide your own interfaces to data
PHP client library
Access Recite CMS web services quickly and easily with this library
Sample scripts
Many sample scripts showing how to access web services


Since every organisation's requirements are unique, the ability to extend their chosen content management system is a key aspect when choosing their CMS. In Recite CMS, developers can either develop their own modules from scratch, or they can leverage many of the existing modules in many different ways.

Feature Standard Add-On
Create custom container rules
Container rules are used to publish dynamic content on your web site
Create custom Control Panel themes
You can change the look and feel of the Control Panel to match your corporate colours
Create custom Control Panel widgets
Widgets are what Control Panel users interact with to manage their web site
Create custom modules
Modules are the main functionality that read and write from the database
Create custom page render hooks
Control the bootstrapping process that runs whenever a visitor loads your web site
Create form types
Develop custom forms that can be displayed on your web site
Create page types
Every page in your site has a particular type. You can develop your own page types to act however you require them to
Create search index types
Develop custom search indexes to store any data you want to be searchable
Custom backend handlers
Client web sites communicate with the server using backend handlers
Custom connectors
Modules such as assets and categories can be made to connect to your own modules, allowing users to pick "related files" or "related categories"
Custom exporters and importers
You can create custom export and import routines for any custom data you want to include when sites are exported
Custom extenders
Many modules can be extended to display more information in the Control Panel
Custom pre-defined sites
Create a site that will automatically imported to newly-created clients

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